CL 23 In a Storm on August 11, 1911

Shipmate Johnnie Gustafson


Johnnie Gustafson was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on April 11, 1885 and worked as a farmer until he joined the US Navy on March 4th, 1910.

He served his country aboard the USS Albany CL 23 and was discharged on January 13th, 1914

Documentation provided includes Photographs, CL 23 Itineraries, Ship’s Rough Logs, and Revolution in China witnessed by the USS Albany which can be found on the website.

As we journey back through the CL 23 records, it allows us to appreciate our Naval history of the early 1900s.

The USS Albany Association would like to thank the family of Shipmate Johnnie Edwin Gustafson for the CL 23 documentation provided.