1st Albany 22 Gun Sloop of War
1st Albany
22 Gun Sloop-Of-War
2nd Albany 14 Gun Sloop of War
2nd Albany
14 Gun Sloop-Of-War
3rd Albany
CL-23 Protected Cruiser
4th Albany CA 123
4th Albany
CA-123 Heavy Cruiser
Conversion to cg10photo-banner
CG-10 Guided Missile Cruiser
5th Albany
SSN-753 Fast Attack Submarine
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Welcome to the Official Website of the USS Albany Association, Inc.
Navy & Marine Corps

“Still Making History”

This site is provided and sponsored by the USS Albany Association, Inc. from membership dues and donations.

Its primary purpose is to honor and preserve the rich history and memories of all United States Naval vessels named Albany after the Capital City of New York State and those that proudly served aboard them.

We continue to honor our Heritage by providing & maintaining the USS Albany Heritage Exhibit located at the Albany County Convention and Visitors Bureau in Albany, New York.

For Association or Membership Information please contact:

Darl Anderson
Phone: 1-440-812-2472
Email:  captanderson753@gmail.com