Membership Enrollment

Membership Enrollment

I hereby apply for membership in the USS ALBANY ASSOCIATION. The following information is provided for association records and may be shared with fellow members of the association only.



Engineering, Supply, etc.
1st, A, S-1, etc.
( Other branch of the Armed Forces or Reserves )
Membership Dues: $20 per year

NOTE: Personnel serving aboard the SSN 753 are exempt from paying dues. All other active duty personnel are required to pay dues. The first year dues must accompany this application. Please note that the association's fiscal year is September 1st through the following August 31st. Those that join the association prior to May 1st will be required to pay dues again September 1st of the same year. Those that join between May 1st and August 31st will not be required to pay dues again until September 1st the following year.

In addition to my dues, I am enclosing a donation of:

Mail Application & Check payable to

USS Albany Association, Inc.


Secretary Frank DeTura

2105  SE Harding St.

Port St. Lucie, FL   34952