USS Albany CA 123 / CG 10 End of an Era.

On 7 April 1990, the former Veterans Memorial Committee members was fortunate to attend the Commissioning of the newest USS Albany SSN 753.  

During the planning stages of our trip to Norfolk we made arrangements to have the complete ceremony captured on a video for historical purposes and will have on YouTube soon. 

After the ceremony, those in attendance were invited to the commissioning party that followed but we had already made arrangements to visit the CG 10 at her berth where she waited the pending scrap sale.  Although we weren’t allowed to take photos at the pier we did take some from the highway and the gate area.  In conjunction to the pictures we took shipmate Robert Burrill CA 123 also took some photos in March 1990 that he shared.  

Below are some photos as she awaits her faith!

In the months to follow the Department of Defense established a formal bid document for the sale of the Albany with an estimated appraised scrap value of $930,000.00.

The sealed bids were to be opened on 26 July 1990 @ 9:00 AM with the successful bidder being notified in writing by 2 August 1990 and removed from HER location at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard Portsmouth, VA by 4 September 1990.  The successful bidder was Jacobson Metal Co of Chesapeake, VA.

The original bid document can be found in the History portion of the website

Photos that follow are of the dismantling by the successful bidder:

So, We End an Era, but will continue to


Still make History”