Namesake City of ship’s named USS Albany


Home of the USS Albany Association Heritage Exhibit

In September,1990 an exhibit committee was established to find a suitable exhibit location and start the search for any artifacts relative to the USS Albany. After the conclusion of the 1990 reunion we were notified by the “then” President of the City of Albany common council, Steven McArdle, that the City of Albany, in conjunction with the Urban Cultural Park system, was affording us space at the Urban Cultural Park Visitor Center (UCPVC). The UCPVC is located at Quackenbush Square in downtown Albany, New York.

Over the next 2 1/2 years the committee conducted research on USS Albany history, making contact with historical societies, libraries, US Navy Department, and various other museums, and we started to obtain valuable information. Although the outside sources provided items of interest, our greatest resource was the Albany Association members.

From 1990 through 1998 the committee worked with the (UCPVC) staff that was very instrumental in helping the committee understand presentation and descriptive information that would be understandable by visitors. Without the understanding and support of Susan Cleary and Molly Maloney we wouldn’t have be able to meet the dedication date. The research for information and restoration of artifacts continued and on 2 September 1993 the Heritage Exhibit became a reality. 

During the late 1997 early1998 the Visitor Center has made some changes that included a name change to Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center, management updates, renovation of space, new conference room, and new stone walkways. With these changes, we were still afforded space and still part of the Visitor Center family.

The following photos provide a view of the Visitors Center and home of the current USS Albany Heritage Exhibit.

If you’re in the Albany, NY area please stop by to visit.  You will be subjected to a historical view of ships named Albany as well as the many displays depicting the city of Albany, NY. 

For current information about the Visitors Center and upcoming events visit:

Over the years we are extremely fortunate to have a facility that provides us space to display the historical artifacts of all ships name Albany. Not only does the Albany County & Visitors Bureau {ACCVB) provide space but staffing and access to the facility is a great asset. They are open to the public seven days a week except for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s Day.

During the year the staff on duty not only helps the public with information about the Albany area but also provides information about the many displays at the Visitors Center including answering questions about the USS Albany Heritage Exhibit.

I would like you to meet the staff who manage and support the USS Albany Heritage Exhibit located at the Visitors Center.

 (Current staff as of 8/2017)

The USS Albany Association would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation and say Thank you to the Visitor Center management & staff for their dedication to all USS Albany programs.

“Job Well Done”