Meritorious Life Members

The following members have been given this Prestigious Award for their many contributions and their dedication to the establishment, growth, quality and success of this Association

Allan A. Heide9 September 1995Deceased
Leo J. Marc-Aurele9 September 1995Deceased
Ralph Lee17 August 1996Deceased
Wayne V. Van Amburgh9 September 2000
Robert F. McConnell28 October 2006Deceased
James E. Window1 September 2010
Richard H. Desrochers1 September 2010
Barton E. Hutchins1 September 2010
Harry J. Crosby13 October 2011
Jim F. Naughton13 October 2011Deceased
John H. Heitsman13 October 2011
Capt Paul "Chip" Jaenichen18 October 2012
Capt Darl R. Anderson 27 September 2018
Louis E. Amico22 August 2019
Frank A. DeTura24 August 2023