The Heritage Of The USS Albany

Five ships of the U.S. Navy have carried the name Albany, in honor of the capital city of the State of New York.


The first ALBANY, a 22-gun sloop-of-war, was commissioned in November 1846.  
Within a year of her commissioning, ALBANY saw service in the Mexican War, 
taking part in operations against Vera Cruz, Tuxpan, and Tabasco.

ALBANY's Career was destined to end mysteriously.  In September 1854 she departed 
Colon, Panama bound for New York, a voyage which was never completed.  Receiving 
no word subsequent to her departure, a thorough search was ordered and conducted but 
no trace has ever been found.


The second ALBANY was constructed in 1864.  She was a 14-gun, power driven
sloop-of-war.  Originally chritened USS CONTOOCOOK, her name was changed
to ALBANY in 1869.  She cruised mostly in the North Atlantic and West Indies and
was placed out of commission in January 1870.


The keel for what was to become the third ALBANY, a protected cruiser, was laid in
Newcastle, England in 1897.  Originally constructed for the Brazilian Government.  She
was purchased by the United States in 1898.  Two years later this ship was placed in
commission as the third ALBANY.

At the onset of World War I, ALBANY served as escort for the first Atlantic convoy
under a United States command.  During the war ALBANY escorted a total of eleven
convoys to Europe, providing protection for 224 ships.  She was to reach the venerable
age of fifty before finally being stricken from the Navy list in 1929.


The fourth ALBANY was orginally constructed as a heavy cruiser (CA-123) by Bethlehem Steel Company, Quincy, Massachusetts. She was commissioned in the Boston Navy Yard on 15 June 1946. During her twelve years of service as a heavy cruiser ALBANY visited nearly every major Atlantic, Caribbean, and Mediterranean port. On 30 June 1958 ALBANY was placed out of commission for conversion to a guided missle cruiser. Effective 1 November 1958 her hull classification and number were changed to CG-10.
Exactly four years later ALBANY emerged from the yards as the world's first guided missle cruiser. She served in the Mediterranean and North Atlantic and became the flagship of the Commander of the 6th Fleet. She was decommissioned in Norfolk, Virginia in August 1980.


The fifth and present ALBANY (SSN-753) is an attack submarine.  She was commissioned
on 7 April 1990.  She incorporates the latest in state-of-the-art combat systems, vertical
launch tubes and Arctic ice break-through capability.


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