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2014 Reunion Chairman Message




Jo, Dick and I have worked over a year to hopefully make this reunion one that everyone would remember and enjoy. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much

as we did in hosting the reunion. The only glitch we had involved Dick. He had to leave early and missed several days of the reunion to get some rest and repairs in the hospital but thankfully the good Lord looked over him and everything turned out all right.

Sorry Dick, if we worked you too hard but glad to see your back on the job and feeling well.

Someone was looking over all of us for the whole week because the weather was fantastic and the tours for the most part went off without a hitch thanks to everyone’s help.

We had nothing but good reports from everyone that attended and Jo and I want to again thank you all for making our reunion a success. The Hotel staff was great and gave us everything we could ask of them. The bus drivers were great and got us in to Boston in a record time of 45 minutes which is unheard of during morning rush hour traffic to attend our Memorial Service. The Guides we had on our tours were very helpful and knowledgeable.

And, last but not least thanks to ALL of you who helped in the hospitality room and the “secret” beer and wine room (302) on the buses and tours AND ANYWHERE ELSE THAT YOU MAY HAVE HELPED IN MAKING OUR REUNION A SUCCESS.

AGAIN, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO ALL. SEE YOU ALL AGAIN IN BOSTON IN 2024 it will take us that long to recuperate.



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