1998 Reunion

1998 Reunion - Las Vegas, Nevada

Pete Petterson - Chairman 12627 Camp Rock Road Lucerne Valley, CA. 92356 Phone: 619-248-6197
Just in case you haven't picked up on it yet, or ninth annual reunion
will be held in that little jerk-water desert town of Las Vegas, Nevada,
on September 27, through October 1, 1998 If you haven't been to Vegas
over the last ten years, you owe it to yourself to see how it's changed
Much to the regret of this writer, it's no longer an adult Disney Land
but a place the whole family can enjoy. We will be staying at the
Showboat Hotel and Casino with a room price set at $65.00 plus tax per
night Our hosts Pete and Clarice Peterson assure us that there will be
enough distractions and tours to keep our gambling time to a minimum and
the shirts on our backs. Tours to Hoover Dam, Laufton, NV. as well as
others in the planning stages will be available. Two unique features of
this reunion is the timing of it which is later than our usual August
reunions and the fact that it's mid-week This was decided for your
comfort Well, figure it 0UT, August in the desert and if you ever spent
a weekend in Vegas you. will understand. The reunion is well into the
intermediate planning stages and you could expect to receive your
reunion package in the mail some time in March or early April In the
meantime you could expect to read more of the reunion with it's POD (you
know Plan of the Day) in the next newsletter.

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